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STILL EXPERIENCED - "Road to nowhere" (PG Records SD 10290)
That's the new and herewith the 5th album of Still Experienced: Street date 1st October 2006
CD-Cover "Road to nowhere" The decision, on our 4th album "crossroads" (PG Records SD 10268), to add some original compositions and some blues tunes to the Jimi Hendrix titles, was a good one.

And there are some good reasons for it. As the white British Bluesbands, above all John Mayall and his Bluesbreakers, with guitar players like Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page etc. where at the peak of their popularity in the midsixties, Chris and me started to play apart from Jimi Hendrix titles, also a lot of these blues tunes with our band "Island", and we have been in our hometown Linz / Austria one of the first, that played blues rock with strange instruments like violin and saxophones.
After having received great feedback from the medias and the audience, we wanted to go on creating our own titles in the spirit of Jimi Hendrix and all other great Blues and R & B musicians. Also the sales in Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and USA of the last record, were encouraging us to continue this way.
The CD "Crossroads" was a first crossing, where our ideas have met, and we couldn´t know how they will develop. So we have been on a "road to nowhere" as we started to realize this CD. This "nowhere" is in the meanwhile a musically well explored and familiar place in the universe for us.

The songs are telling stories from daily life, sometimes descriptive, sometimes politically and critically. We played a concert together with Doug MacLeod, the great blues and roots musician from St. Louis, and he said to us: “blues is the truth” and that´s what we tried to do.
Peter Guschelbauer / Gabi Haenninnen
Reynhard Boegl For this production we invited again great and excellent musicians and we had a great time and much fun during the recording sessions. Some will join us on stage, as a guest musician at our "road to nowhere" tour in autumn 2006 and springtime 2007.

This CD documents also the collaboration with the Canadian singer and organ player Jessica Vigneault. She toured with us in springtime and autumn 2004. Through the year, we recorded some titles with her, which we will release now, 2 originals and 3 Jimi Hendrix covers as bonus tracks.

Enjoy listen to the music - Peter Guschelbauer
Jessica Vigneault
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