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Shortly after Jimi Hendrix recorded "Purple Haze" in 1967, Chris Haller and Peter Guschelbauer picked up their guitars in Linz. Together they attended grammar school at Fadingerstrasse. Their music was heard in many youthclubs in and around Linz aswell as the legendary "Rosenstüberl". Even though a lot of their own compositions shaped their programm, it was impossible to overhear that Jimi was their big idol!!

Jimi was the hero of everyone who wanted to hear "good music", he was the forerunner of rock music, the activist on stage and the polisher of electric blues. There isn't a single serious guitarist that can deny Jimi Hendrix's enormous influence.

More than 30 years after his death, in the times of computergenerated sound-production, his music still has a fresh and exiting appeal to the listener. The songs structure and composition (construction) allow a free handling and give the interpreter a lot of room to improvise, develop their own ideas and personal definition. In this way it is possible to do contemporary free interpretations, away from simplified "Woodstock Nostalgia" and encourages a lot of delight in free play using predetermined patterns.

It is a known fact that Jimi Hendrix also interpreted songs of other contemporaries. On tape preserved are pieces for instance by The Beatles (Sgt. Pepper, Daytripper), Bob Dylan (Like a Rolling Stone, All along the Watchtower), The Troggs (Wild Thing), The Cream (Sunshine of your Love) and more.